<aside> ❓ What is mining? It is the process of using computer power to verify CKB (CKByte) transactions on a blockchain and miners are given a monetary prize for contributing the computer power.


Mining Resources

Real-time hashrate on CKB Block Explorers

Real-time Profitability on Whattomine.

CKB mining pools: miningpoolstats

Stratum protocol standard for mining pools

How to Mine Tutorials

How to get started with the CKB DAO

Why PoW

Security is the most important thing for a permission-less blockchain with the goal of being a global settlement layer, and CKB is secured by proof of work consensus algorithm. It's not saying PoS won't work, it's just as a new chain, CKB chose to use a consensus it's more sure of the security impact.

Discussions about PoW vs PoS:

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