aka Chatroom Observations

<aside> 🌈 Below are more of the principles that I'd recommend to keep in mind when you interacting with other community members, which mostly based on observations of people that are contributing to the project in different ways - building, writing, providing constructive feedbacks to the project etc.


Focus on fundamentals

There is enough complexity and development within this project to keep anyone busy for a while. To choose how you spend your attention, it’s helpful to identify what you don’t want to attend to (at least for now) and focusing on things you want to contribute to.

Embrace chaos

Chaos (not burn you down type of chaos) is a feature, not a bug in a permission-less community. Stay calm and try to find beauty in Chaos.

Be water, be here now

Intuition-based understanding and awareness is as important as, if not more important than abstract thinking and logical analysis. You are changing. The universe around you is changing. The state of a blockchain is always changing. Try to live at the moment and be aware of your current state.

Act in altruism

We wish not for a world where one’s rise against the others. The things happening in 2020 so far is making the world become more fragmented and it is sad to see people/country pointing at each other. Leave the codebase a little better than you found it. In life, it may as well be with every interaction, try leave that person’s day a little brighter.

People are more important than technology

People are more important than technology. Technology is a tool, that when used with intent can produce results.

Fortunately for Nervos, the underlying technology is fixed. There is no need for a complete overhaul or a drastically changing paradigm.This allows the community to focus on ***improving***instead of re-imagining or arguing over drastic change.

None of these makes the system perfect, however it does change the social paradigm around the blockchain, to allow for everyone in the community to share a base of functionality and common interest in going forward. Without this distraction, the community can focus on incremental improvements to make the system operate better, but most importantly can focus on delivering results to people who use the tech.

These systems MUST deliver value to people in order to survive, even more so because proof of work blockchains cost real money every day to remain secure. The system must deliver more value to the world than it consumes in order to remain viable.