"She's the love child of Tarzan and the mom from incredibles." by @cauztmoon

The mainnet of Nervos Common Knowledge Base is named after Lina from game Dota2.

Lina was born on Sat Nov 15 2019 17:11:25 EST (Zodiac: Scorpio; Chinese zodiac: Pig), the first block aka the genesis block was mined in the Spark pool.

A genesis block is the first block of a block chain.

<aside> 🤔 What is Genesis Hash? [short article or infographics 3000 CKB]


Genesis Hash: 0x92b197aa1fba0f63633922c61c92375c9c074a93e85963554f5499fe1450d0e5

photo (made on June 1st 2020)

photo (made on June 1st 2020)

Check out the current status of Lina (live)

CKB Block Explorers

mainnet launch poster designed by ‣

mainnet launch poster designed by ‣

Security Auditing by Peckshield and Least Authority finished in October 2019.

Nervos CKB Security Audit Complete

The day Lina was born: