<aside> 🤓 Nervos is a network of people and machines - nodes, peers, contributors, miners, validators, holders, developers, speculators and humanity that can’t be defined.


<aside> ⚖️ "We reject kings, presidents and voting. We believe in rough consensus and running code." - David Clark


Hey, since you are looking at this, you probably are curious or excited about blockchain, cryptocurrencies, and a future economic domain

<aside> 💡 With less of middlemen, untrustworthy authorities, but practices and transactions that are more flat, fair and liquid.


Nervos is building a system of blockchains as the infrastructure for the crypto economy. Using blockchain, we can create applications that could not have existed before. Satoshi Nakamoto used a blockchain to record a cash ledger, and thus Bitcoin was born, which showed the immensity potential of the technology.

Crypto economy: where users' assets can be represented by different kinds of tokens and are traded in a financial system that is open and programmable.

Where are we at now? Well, people thought internet was a library and started with businesses like news portals, very much like today we think the use cases of a permission-less blockchain is Bitcoin and ICOs (most recently Defi), and crypto is zero-sum speculators' game.

But the potential is going beyond that, moon, lambo etc!!!

Crypto attracts the most curious and opened-minded people on the planet. It is in math we trust. This is the first time ever that we have 100% property rights protection by the private key we hold. We don’t need any central authority’s proof. This is a big step forward for human civilization. 🎊 🎉

A better society can be built on top of blockchain, which has solved some of the fundamental problems that the current society and existing structure is facing right now, that we could never imagine before.

The Nervos project started in 2018, ten years after Bitcoin was born and five years after Ethereum's debut, Nervos stands on the shoulders of giants, and makes use of over a decade of observed experience about blockchains to start with a fresh foundation to go forward with.